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When Employees "Want To" rather than "Have To" 

things get done darn quick and well.

The art of getting employees to "Want To" is called Leadership.

This book has two parts. 

The first part consists of four areas:

  1. Why people do what they do

  2. Leadership rules

  3. Asking, praising and reprimanding

  4. Value programming.

Part two is How to Build Winning Teams of People. 

The two parts are woven together to produce a finished product designed to both educate and alter the culture of a company from the first day forward.

Part two shows specifically why only demanding mangers can build winning teams.  It also shows how to make the whole organization "World-Class" and specifically how to prime the pump to convert a struggling organization to a "Winning Team."

An employee "Winning Team" feeling creates an organization that can achieve and perform.

Just training does not work. It has been our experience that most training in industry is not used and mostly forgotten in 7 days.

The process of getting management- ownership understanding and follow through is as critical as the training. 

This book was kept short because senior management does not have time to read large books. The process of learning, that results in real change, was left out due to space considerations.  

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Classes are available nationwide for Building Winning Teams of People based on this book and the behavior-based safety program, Safety-Leadership �.

Floyd Fenix developed the information in this book during the 22 years he was a "'Work-out Specialist" for troubled companies. He used this information to personally teach all the management in his company how to lead.

"The only thing worse than training your employees and losing them is

NOT training them and keeping them."  


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