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People Problems  

Quality is Spotty

Productivity Stinks


All are management issues.

You've heard, "Our people make the difference?" That's close, but wrong. Think about it. Others are hiring from the same labor pool as you. What makes the difference? Your managers knowing how to make your people want to stay and perform. Your managers are the issue.

We simply and clearly show how to lead-not manage, how to get employees to accept ownership, how to motivate, how people learn, why people do what they do, what makes organizations excellent, how to change bad behaviors quickly, how value programming impacts you, key management rules, and how to get "World Class" performance from your team.

This is NOT a hypothetical course on management. This is a real life, down- to-earth, proven course on how to get people to perform and enable your organization to achieve.


Productivity & quality can soar.  


Educate your managers as to how to train, develop, motivate, empower and lead. Your turnover can disappear. No other training can give you so much, so quick, for so little cost. Suitable for President down through lead people.

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The course includes
-Learning how to learn

-Changing bad habits

-How to trigger pride

-Training changes nothing!

-Manager vs. Leader 

-Time Management

-Few poor employees, 

      mostly poor leaders

-Fact transfer vs. learning

-Logic vs. Emotions

-Practice does not make perfect

-Power of the mind

-Ignorance is expensive

-An organization is .. 

-Systems & people 

-Chain of command

-Span of control

-Delegation of authority

-Authority vs. Responsibility 

-Push responsibility down .. 

-Ask, don't tell

-First need of a manager 

-Do not do their job .. 


-Micro manager vs. Maytag

-Lead people are where the tires .. 

-Make it happen 

-Beware of symptoms 

-Never a shotgun

-Proactive vs. Reactive

-It is OK to make mistakes, but .. 

-Walk the floor

-Get some action going

-Only team players can stay

-Hardest lesson I learned 

-Confront your problems 

-Peter principle solution

-Infighting & politics

-Excessive turnover is a symptom

-Leadership is NOT a democracy 

-Leaders transfer enthusiasm 

-Participative management 

-Perform or leave, I will help you stay



-Ask a lot

-Reprimand to change

-Too much punishment effects -performance

-Brag on your people

-95% positive

-Winners are easy to supervise 

-Perception is actuality 



-Value programming

-Care for your people

-Success guidelines for daily use

Special Safety Segment 
-Safety can be managed 

-Awareness vs. exposure 

-Make it visual

-Everyone must have something at


-How to eliminate nearly all accidents    from the first day forward

"The only thing worse than training your employees and losing them is

NOT training them and keeping them."  

Course is personally taught by Floyd Fenix, Industry Executive and author of 
The Secrets to Building Winning Teams of People
and Safety Leadership


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