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When Employees "Want To" rather than "Have To" 

things get done darn quick and well.

The art of getting employees to "Want To" is called Leadership.

Jobs are now so plentiful, employees can "fire" the company at will.

The speed of business, technology, communication, customer service expectations, and a whole range of things that effect business plans and tactics have changed.

What motivates people to "WANT TO" has not changed.

People still will do excellent work for you and stay long term. You just need to educate your management- top down-how to make employees "WANT TO" do a good iob and "WANT TO" stay long term and  perform. 

Performance can be the only measure.

This is called leadership and leadership is what this course is all about.  

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Dear Folks,


I became a manager and did not know how to manage. 

What a catastrophe.

I scrambled, read mountains of articles, books and took management courses. After years of struggling and doing everything wrong a manager can do wrong 
(at least once), I became pretty good. I finally got to where I could manage.

But, all the layers of management who ran my company for me were the ones who really needed to know how to manage. They were the ones who made my company perform, or not perform.

There was no one place I could send my managers to get the education they needed, (or I would have sent them).

Out of sheer desperation, I devised a minimum list of what a manager needed to know and I taught my mangers personally. Not only did it work, it worked great.

I had a 22 year career turning around troubled companies. This was the secret ingredient that made me successful. Simply teaching my mangers how to manage (and get performance).

Back to back, my managers gave me "World Class" results in productivity, quality, service levels, less waste, and better margins. Employee turnover became virtually nil. Further, we were able to shut down accidents from the first day forward and set incredible safety records.

This is the course I taught and further refined over the years. Others have found the course very fast paced ... fun... and very beneficial.

Floyd Fenix  

Just imagine what your organization can achieve when all of your

Managers know how to lead, and all of your people want to achieve.



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