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Floyd Fenix is an experienced, "hands-on" General Manager, Vice President, and President who turned around troubled companies and did new start up operations, throughout the United States, for over 20 years.   This gave him the equivalent of several lifetimes of business wisdom and experiences. He discovered how to quickly train his managers to get all his employees pulling together as a team. 

The Art of getting employees to "Want To" is called Leadership.

Floyd now lives in Texarkana, Arkansas. His various business interests do not prevent him from enjoying his many avocations that include flying, building hydro racers, restoring antique cars, golfing, touring in his RV, jet skiing on the local lakes and driving his 1928 Model A or 1939 Plymouth pickup. He really enjoys classic vehicles. He and Nancy frequently drive his bright red 1940 Ford (with a corvette motor!) to area car shows.

Floyd enjoys his 1928 Model A Ford.

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 email: fenix@tobehappy.com


Meet Floyd Fenix

As the author shares his extensive experiences, you realize how simple it is to obtain "Winning Teams of People" as well as shut down accidents from the first day forward.  

His course gives your managers a quick, simple, and proven method to eliminate nearly all employee turnover and increase productivity from the first day forward.  

Fenix developed  the method during his 22 years as a corporate work-out specialist.  The process has been proven back-to-back, with stunning results. 

The author's in depth and "hands-on" knowledge has enabled him to teach and write so clearly and so simply that the information is covered quickly and is easy to understand and implement.  You will enjoy the graphic examples, anecdotes, and very fast-pace of the course.  

His new program,  The Secrets to Building Winning Teams of People  is the same course he refined over the years and taught to all his management in the companies he ran.  His innovative, Behavior-Based Leadership produced "World-Class" results in productivity, quality, and service levels. It also resulted in less waste, better margins, and the creation of "Winning Teams of People".  

His Safety Leadership book details clearly and specifically how he was able, back-to-back, to take organizations with very bad safety records to long term lost-time accident free records from the very first day forward


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